refund policy

We appreciate that our customers trust our services. To keep away from the misapprehension you are suggested to read all terms and conditions with consideration and then place your order. If you have any query in the order, it will be better to clear that with us. According to our policy, your money can be refunded only if we could not meet the given requirements by you or you find plagiarism in your work.

The refund policy is stated below, before placement of order, you are requested to read it carefully and avoid an invalid claim of repayment.

You are entitled to refund if:

  • Plagiarism is found in your order
  • If the order couldn’t be provided before the deadline
  • Unable to provide customer service for your queries in 24 hours

Here are some more important features of our policy

  • If provided work is not matching with the requirements.
  • You will not be refunded 1oo%. 10% charges will be deducted for over all services
  • If the claim is received with in the 15 days of delivery, it would be accepted otherwise not.
  • You are not allowed claiming the refund for the urgent orders.
  • We also offer students the facility of unlimited free revision in order to meet requirements so It is suggested that ask for revision rather than refund.
  • Students should give the appropriate reason otherwise; refund claim would not be accepted.
  • After claiming the refund students are not permitted to use the paper, it now belongs to the company. If someone is found using paper, company has the right to take severe action against him.
  • For the slight mistakes, students are not allowed to claim a refund, e.g. citations, formatting, references, etc.

If we couldn’t deliver the order on time claiming the refund is appropriate otherwise company reserves the right to reject your claim if it is not meeting with the terms and conditions.
REMEMBER: if any threats will be given to the company, it will be reported to the higher authorities of law and legal action will be taken against them